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Your ultimate competitive edge for web based advertising

The world’s fastest growing brands use Google DV360 to accelerate growth and future proof their online and offline marketing strategies.

Let us take advantage of the latest advancements in media innovation, automation, machine learning and AI to give your digital advertising the ultimate competitive edge.


What can you achieve with DV360

DV360 is a single advertising platform that connects your media, creative and analytics, making it more efficient to plan, buy, optimise and measure your omnichannel media strategy.

This unified and streamlined approach enables easier and faster campaign optimisations to drive optimal performance and a higher return on advertising investment.


Stay ahead with cutting edge media innovation

When you’re on board with DV360, you’ll never miss the opportunity to gain access to the latest and most innovative web based advertising formats - way before the competition!

  • Rich Media Display
  • Audio (all formats)
  • Native Display & Video
  • Digital out-of-home
  • Web Video (pre roll & YouTube)
  • Social Display & Video
  • Broadcast Video on Demand
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Reach your goals smarter and faster with DV360

Whether you’re looking to increase online sales, drive apps installs or reduce the cost to acquire a qualified lead online, Predictive Audiences uses the power of Google’s AI machine learning to hone in on your most sought after performance goals and deliver them faster for less cost.

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On average Predictive Audiences improves advertising performance by up to 3x’s for brand goals and up to 8x’s for performance goals*

*Google Predictive Audiences Brand Study Global, GMP 2021


What our clients say

Adgility's media strategy has helped us activate a more powerful omnichannel communications strategy to reach more diverse and relevant audiences with personalised brand stories that result in higher video completion rates and more time spent on site.

Kim Bailey

Brand & Communications Manager

Mingara Leisure Group

Having experienced media planning and buying professionals on board has opened up new opportunities for us to test and measure new media formats and discover new audiences we were finding difficult to reach and convert with other media.

Nidhi Kataria

Marketing Manager


Consolidating our media planning and buying with Adgility has been a game changer for IPSTAR.  Instead of spending bulk time in and out of ad platforms, we’re now focussed on developing more purpose built creative to experiment with new media channels and measure their impact on our goal completions.

Fiona Lam

Head of Marketing


Cement your privacy-safe future

As cookies and device identifiers continue to degrade, working with Google DV360 ensures you’ll be in the driver’s seat to secure a more robust and privacy-safe digital marketing strategy and infrastructure.

Our team of experienced media strategists, ad technicians and data analysts can help you adopt and leverage a first-part data strategy using DV360, connecting your brand with more valuable and engaged customers than ever before.

WHY DV360?

Your key to superior advertising performance


WaterWipes national ad campaign sees sales spike

Adgility's data driven, omnichannel approach helped WaterWipes launch a new biodegradable range that exceeded audience reach and engagement targets, 'wiping out' the competition.


Hanrob Pet Hotels increases online bookings by 37%

A streamlined booking process, smarter digital marketing tactics combined with Adgility's advertising intelligence results in 'tail-wagging' success.


Stamford Hotels achieves a 1,200% return on ad spend with programmatic advertising

Adgility's data fuelled intelligence working across social and web channels helps Stamford tackle disruption and 'bed-down' a 1,200% return on ad spend.


Adgility is your DV360 partner for success

With more than a decade’s experience running high level programmatic advertising performance advertising campaigns for some of Australia’s leading and fastest growing brands, you can rest assured your programmatic ad campaigns are being managed by experienced media, ad tech and data analytics professionals.

Our end-to-end campaign management services include

  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Programmatic campaign onboarding
  • Creative development and production
  • Campaign performance optimisation
  • Advanced insights and analytics
  • Custom reporting
  • Programmatic consulting and platform support

Adgility specialises in leveraging the Google Marketing Platform with a specific focus on Display and Video 360.

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