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You don’t have to be a data expert to spot trends and act on insights.

Adgility simplifies the process to becoming a data-driven marketer by syncing all your marketing, advertising and business data on one unified platform, making it easy for you to access, compare and get complete transparency over your entire business performance.

We’ve partnered with the world’s most progressive marketing analytics platform to bring you unparalleled features and benefits that will future proof your business for the digital age.


Insights and Anayltics

We create dynamic dashboards and reports using colour, shapes and data visualisations you'll actually enjoy looking at!


All your Marketing Channels Side by Side

Easily assess your entire marketing performance from a single reliable source.


Enjoy a true omnichannel view

With more than 200+ pre built channel integrations available, Adgility’s Connector Marketplace is a pipeline to all your information that revolutionises the way you integrate and see all your marketing and business data.


Skip the set-up time

Adgility gets you up and running in no time, regardless of your level of technical expertise. The beauty of our managed service is that you don't have to build your insights & analytics framework, we appreciate your energy is better focused elsewhere.


Avoid software costs

Adgility Insights and Analytics is part of our fully integrated ad tech stack, fully hosted at no additional cost to you. Forget about configuring servers and managing software updates. Just sit back and enjoy the freedom of outsourcing best-in-class analytics.


Easy Data Interpretation for Faster Decision Making

Providing all the right tools you need to understand and act on data trends faster.


Visually stimulating data inspires action

Custom dashboards built the way you want to see your data, everything from colours to shapes and images make for easier interpretation so you can pinpoint positive trends and handle issues before they slow you down.


Fast Insights, Quick Decisions

Need to reference topline data ‘on the fly’ for that next important meeting? Adgility’s Quick View feature pulls together key performance metrics from your chosen marketing channels and combines them into one concise report.


Collaborate with confidence

Adgility is your analytics platform fully hosted in the cloud. Add your team or individuals to explore opportunities by easily viewing and commenting in dashboards and reports. Now you can make data-driven decisions together.


Actionable Insights to Empower Business Growth

Dedicated technical and data expertise at your fingertips.


Time-saving reports

Receive the data that matters most - how and when you want it! Automated reports keep your team, company and investors regularly updated on specific campaigns and overall business performance.


Intelligence at your fingertips

Don’t have time to analyse data or create comprehensive reports every time you have to make a decision?

Adgility offers real-time expertise, key trends and can’t-miss opportunities across every one of your media channels, all graphically styled and professionally presented as modern marketing data should be.