How to simplify your omnichannel marketing strategy with programmatic advertising

How to simplify your omnichannel marketing strategy with programmatic advertising


People today are surrounded by so many choices and sources of information.

This means they’re far more demanding and have very high expectations when it comes to their attention and purchasing behaviour. They want personalised content and they know exactly where and when they want it. If your brand isn’t there, then you’re missing valuable opportunities to connect with potential new customers.

To meet these demands and spur them into action, you need an omnichannel marketing approach to provide engaging and coherent marketing across all your marketing platforms.

However, covering so many different channels is not easy and can be very expensive. 

But the good news is – you can now automate it effectively. 

How? Through Programmatic Advertising.

Here’s how programmatic advertising can make omnichannel marketing simple, highly efficient and more cost-effective than ever before.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing strategy spreads your core messaging and branding across multiple channels, where each channel’s content is customised to the current needs of a specific target audience. In other words, through omnichannel marketing, your brand message evolves and adapts depending on the specific platform and how your users have interacted with your other channels.  In a nutshell, it’s a seamless transition between one advertising channel to the next based on audience interaction. 

For example, a person searching via Google on their way to work will be in a different state of mind to when they are exposed to native advertising on a website, or as they’re browsing Facebook on their couch at night. Omnichannel marketing caters to all of this by displaying customised content on each occasion, rather than a generic message for all.

Brands who use omnichannel marketing achieve greater year-on-year customer acquisition and customer retention because omnichannel marketing focuses on optimising your customers’ experiences across all touchpoints.

However, despite its obvious effectiveness, this requires a lot of time and resources. 

…or, at least it did until Programmatic Advertising came along to help you automate the hard parts and let you optimise the rest.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

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Programmatic Advertising refers to the revolutionary marketing practice of purchasing digital ad spaces in an automated, real-time bidding process based on their worth and relevance at that exact time your customer is ready to receive it.

Programmatic advertising employs both Machine Learning and AI Marketing to analyse Big Data and customer behaviour patterns to identify these optimal ad formats as well as determine the best platform and right time to reach your ideal customer to inspire them to take action.

How Programmatic Advertising supports Omnichannel Marketing

People can access content in whatever format and on whatever device they choose at any given time. When a brand gives them what they want, it makes a big impression and has a higher chance of conversion.

Unfortunately, this can be a difficult task for a human to be able to manually track and respond to people in real-time.

However Programmatic Advertising enables you to segment and manage your consumers by activating personalised content across all your available channels. Using sophisticated Machine Learning, the software platform is able to optimise your Marketing placement by adapting to your customer’s behaviour wherever they are – making omnichannel marketing really easy and effective.

Programmatic Advertising supports your omnichannel marketing in three ways:

  1. Programmatic Advertising provides accurate data.
    Image_Adgility_DashboardData is at the core of omnichannel marketing. Through its machine learning technology, Programmatic Advertising allows you to target the right audiences using data like demographics, online behaviours, interest segments keywords and even find customers that have been on your competitors website, received correspondence from them or even purchased from them - all of which can be automated and optimised to customise and enhance Customer Experience (UX) in real-time.
  2. Programmatic advertising aids in deploying and optimising your content.

    Media_amendedOmnichannel marketing means you must utilise a range of social, digital and traditional marketing channels to create and send relevant content.

    Through Programmatic Advertising, the AI Marketing interprets customer data and tailors your marketing content across the channels it has detected your audiences are consuming the most content, at the ideal time they’re consuming it.

    This ultimately gives you the best chance to capture their attention and convert browsing behaviour into a qualified lead or sale.
  3. Programmatic advertising helps omnichannel marketing yield results.

Programmatic advertising not only makes it possible for you to earn higher returns through more targeted and efficient marketing - it also helps your business save budget by avoiding ineffective and vague campaigns based on human guesswork and manual processes.

Programmatic Advertising really is the modern Marketer’s secret (and powerful) weapon. 

Fortunately, you can work with Programmatic Advertising agencies like Adgility, who will assist you in managing the demands of omnichannel marketing and get the best results from programmatic AI-fuelled advertising for your brand.

Are you ready to boost your Omnichannel Marketing results?


Witness for yourself how this revolutionary new approach to marketing can tailor your brand’s message across multiple channels to capture your target audience when it matters the most. 

Don’t get left behind. Start adapting to this change now to provide your business with the growth and success it deserves through optimal, automated omnichannel marketing.

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