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All your media buying needs in one highly efficient, cost effective and transparent solution.

The days of siloed, inefficient and hard to measure advertising are over.

Adgility’s programmatic media buying solution brings all your advertising together in one place, automating the buying process using the predictive power of AI and consumer data, ensuring your brand is reaching relevant audiences across the right channels, formats and devices.

Why Adgility's programmatic media buying solution?

Our goal is to maximise your return on every dollar spent.

We take care of it all so you can focus on what you do best and look forward to high performing omnichannel advertising.

From media strategy and easy on-boarding to feature-rich digital media buying with advanced audience targeting features, brand safety, creative and analytics all built in to one highly intuitive advertising suite.


Programmatic advertising is the automation of digital media buying, through a process called real time bidding. It’s the future of all media buying here and now.


Target with Precision

Plan and launch highly targeted display advertising campaigns built from real user behaviours.


Intelligent Campaign Planning

Audience Insights allows us to understand who your prospective customers are, how they’re behaving online, what makes one person more valuable than another so we can effectively plan, build and execute your campaigns.


Unique Actionable Data

Through our unique media partnerships, Adgility has access to deeper and more diverse proprietary data-sets than any other in market today, automatically activating high performing audiences across channels and devices simultaneously.


Find your Best Customers at Scale

Give your prospecting campaigns a massive head start and find your most prime candidates by leveraging your own first party data such as your website, CRM, social channels, apps and more.

Audience Insights

Scale with Confidence

Expand your reach and increase customer engagement across multiple channels and formats in brand safe environments.


Omnichannel Media Buying

All your display advertising deployed and managed from one intuitive platform.

Web, Social, Email, Video, Mobile, Connected TV, Audio & Outdoor.


Protect your Brand

Maintaining brand integrity is our number one priority. Adgility’s pre-integrated brand safety solution enables your brand presence to grow anywhere your audiences are engaged online.


More Premium Inventory

Adgility has invested in its media partnerships to ensure you have access to more ad inventory across channels and formats so you can find, engage and convert your audience in premium environments, at the right price.


Next Generation Ad Formats

Make more meaningful brand connections and stand out from the crowd with the latest rich media, dynamic ad formats that future proof your brand.

Instream and Outstream Video | Rich media page takeovers | Native Display | Responsive HTML5 Dynamic web and social | Digital Out-of-home | Connected TV
Easy Data Integration

Convert More for Less

Start converting more leads and sales faster and at scale using your best data assets.


Surpass your Goals Faster

Deep data-insights empower faster decision making to ensure you're always running with the channel, ad formats and devices that are driving the highest performance for the lowest cost.


Boost Customer Conversion Value

Understand your existing customers buying behaviours so you can offer them a more enhanced brand experience and upsell them on new products and services.


Achieve Unmatched Performance

Through the predictive power of AI you can reach, engage and convert your desired audience with more efficiency and forecast revenue results more accurately.