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Pureform Golf is a leading custom golf club fitting company that gives all levels of golfer a tour quality fitting & build experience to improve their game. Pureform engaged Adgility to increase its market share by educating the Australian golfing public about the advantages of having their clubs fitted to a tour quality standard.


The Challenge

In a market typically dominated by the big golf retailers who move massive amounts of stock every year at a highly competitive price, Pureform’s aim is to disrupt the golf retail market by offering golfers of all levels a premium yet accessible product. The challenge…. educating the market about the benefits of a true custom golf club fitting instead of using unfitted off the rack equipment.


The Brief

  1. Build awareness of the Pureform brand in Australia by educating the golfing market on its unique differences to buying standard golf clubs.
  2. Increase Pureform’s club sales revenue by increasing online bookings for custom golf club fittings at both their Sydney and Melbourne locations.

Pureform’s current marketing activity included Google Ads and remarketing on the Google Display Network, e-newsletters, TV promotion on The Golf Show, SEO and Internal social content.



  1. Using our Audience Insights tool to get a better understanding of the attributes of Pureform’s current site visitors we were able to prospect more efficiently in market and bring more qualified traffic to the Pureform website.
  2. From the extremely valuable insights gathered on Pureform’s existing website traffic we were able to prospect over web and social channels for users more likely to have an interest in Pureform’s products and services. With these valuable insights we were able to minimise budget wastage by focusing on the right prospects and reducing our cost per new site visitor.
  3. By driving qualified prospects to a relevant Pureform landing page we were able to reduce bounce rate and increase dwell time on Pureform’s site. This helped Pureform to educate its audience on its unique offering and display the true benefits of tour standard custom club fitting.
  4. Studying the on site behaviour of our qualified site visitors and the level of engagement they displayed for Pureform, Adgility was able to deploy various retargeting campaign messages across multiple channels and devices simultaneously. From these retargeting campaigns we were able to bring qualified prospects back to the Pureform site and convert them into both bookings for custom club fitting sessions and newsletter subscribers.
  5. Focusing on the most engaged prospects from previous visits to the Pureform website we were able to increase the number of bookings across both Pureform fitting centres and decrease the cost to acquire these customers.


Optimising for Performance

Through Adgility’s insights & analytics platform were able to demonstrate clearly the performance of each function of the Pureform campaign from prospecting to retargeting and conversion. Through these valuable campaign learnings, we were able to optimise the performance of this campaign more efficiently right down to the best performing campaign messages.



  • Running an ‘Always On’ strategy has allowed Pureform to stay front of mind with their customers and develop a strong digital presence across both web and social channels.
  • A steady increase in qualified web traffic means that Pureform Golf has grown it's subscriber database and social communities increasing their brand exposure more than ever before. 
  • In 12 months Adgility delivered over 7 million impressions, 20k+ clicks, and over 450 club fittings.
  • We saw a 300% MoM increase in confirmed club fitting appointments across both Pureform fitting centres.
  • Pureform has an overall close rate of 75% on all club fittings meaning revenue from club sales has been steadily increasing. 


The Future

Pureform Golf are now in a position to scale their online presence further and capitalise on their growth to date. By continuing to prospect and engage in a more efficient way they can keep reducing their time to convert a prospect into a paying customer.



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Pureform Golf Achieved:

An 300% MoM average growth in conversions


A 300% increase custom club fitting appointments


"There is no doubt Adgility's cut through digital marketing strategy has been a pillar in the growth of our business over the past 12 months. Through a powerful mix of prospecting and retargeting online we have seen a consistent flow of bookings for custom fittings and increased club sales".

Rus Kirchner

Marketing Director